Back from prison and living in his van, Mark is looking to reconnect with his young daughter Daisy, by giving her a Christmas to remember. While struggling to make money, Mark meets Alan, a sparky former cell mate, who encourages him to go back to his previous life of crime. A decision made easier when Caddy, a ruthless crime boss, wants him to carry out one a dangerous contract, kill all three Azzi Brothers otherwise his daughter is under threat. 

As Alan begins to play dangerous, Caddy loses patience and a dark secret is revealed. With his card now marked across town, will Mark be able to complete the contract and save his daughter?


Silent Night is a UK Crime thriller, starring Bradley Taylor and Cary Crankson, alongside Joel Fry, Nathaniel Martello-White and Sarah Leigh and featuring the return to the big screen of UK Legend Frank Harper (This is England, Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels).

Writer / Director Will Thorne said of Silent Night:   “I love the ritual of watching Christmas movies, so I wanted to create something that was uniquely British, cinematic and entertaining in the hope people would want to return to it. All independent filmmaking is a labour of love, so I’m really excited to get Silent Night out there. After the year that we’ve all had, I’m pretty sure what we need right now is a South London hitman movie set at Christmas!”



“Between Bradley Taylor’s grim charisma, some crafty support (Joel Fry, Cary Crankson) and a ballsy plot that successfully upends the ‘one last job’ premise, Silent Night mercilessly hits the spot.”


“SILENT NIGHT is a great indie film, with a hooker of a story line, brilliantly acted and doesn’t hold itself back when it comes the many crunches.”

THE EDGE – ★★★★

Silent Night (2020), directed by Will Thorne, combines festivity, crime, classic twists and humour in a well-balanced manner, making for a must-watch film.”

ON-MAGAZINE – 7.8/10

SILENT NIGHT is a “super confident Brit thriller laced with dark humour, a rug-pulling twist and some naturalistic touches which keep you hooked until the closing titles.”


In Select Cinemas – Dec 11th

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